As a symbol of love and commitment, engagement and wedding rings are personal and sentimental and should be unique to you and your love story. A ring made to be worn and loved forever, and passed on as an heirloom to future generations. Engagement rings truly are a big deal!


We specialise in custom-designed engagement rings for happily-ever-afters. Nothing beats getting down on one knee with an engagement ring that's as unique and special as the moments, memories and love you share.


Having a custom engagement ring made should be memorable and exciting. Let us guide you through the process of creating your dream ring, within your budget, to create the perfect ring your partner will love almost as much as they love you!


4 Steps to getting your new favourite piece of jewellery made

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Below are a few of the most common questions about our custom engagement rings. Have a question you don't see here? Get in touch, we'd love to chat.

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What determines the cost of an engagement ring?


This is usually where the bulk of the investment lies. Choosing the perfect gem for your engagement ring is an important decision and can be confusing and expensive. Is it worthwhile to invest in natural diamonds? Are lab diamonds a better option? What about salt and pepper diamonds, or moissanite? Or wait… what about a coloured gemstone? With so many options available the decision can be daunting. But don't worry, we've got your back! We’ll be your human Google and provide you with all the facts, leaving you confident and informed about your choices.


The size and number of accent stones required for a design will affect the cost, however, if the overall size of a ring is an important factor accent stones can offer huge savings when compared to a larger single centre stone.  


Your choice of metal affects the durability as well as the cost of your engagement ring. We’ll discuss all the details as part of our initial consultation so you can make an informed decision.


The intricacy and complexity of a design can sometimes result in higher costs due to increased metal weight, labour costs for hand assembly, hand finishing and/or crafting sculptural elements.

Are custom-designed engagement rings more expensive?

On most occasions, the cost will be less or equal to what you will pay for an engagement ring off a shelf in a retail store. Considering your custom ring will be truly unique, designed and made especially for you, there is absolutely no comparison. Investing in custom jewellery always offers the best value for your money.

How long does the custom-design process take?

Our engagement rings are made from scratch, designed to your specific requirements, and made just for you. Please allow a timeline of 4 to 6 weeks for custom-made engagement rings.

The duration depends on how busy we are and how long it takes to finalise your design and/or source your ideal diamonds and/or gemstones. Typically, a custom engagement ring will be ready for delivery within 3 weeks from receiving your deposit to secure your diamonds or gemstones. Should you require a shorter timeline, please enquire with us and we will advise if we are able to accommodate you.

Who will be designing my ring?

When it comes to the custom jewellery experience at Alloy Jewellery Gallery you'll be working with Edna, the owner and founder. As an award-winning jewellery designer with over 20 years’ expertise in the design and manufacture of fine jewellery, you’re assured of being in good hands.

Will I receive a valuation with my engagement ring?

Yes, we issue valuation certificates with all our custom-made engagement rings.

Do you work with diamonds or gemstones not supplied by Alloy Jewellery Gallery?

Yes, we love breathing new life into heirloom pieces, sentimental items, or pieces you no longer wear. All gemstones not supplied by us will be inspected for visible damage prior to removing them from your old jewellery, and we will notify you if the gems are not suitable for use. Chips and damage to gemstones may however not always be visible prior to removing them from their settings and we cannot guarantee that some gems will not chip when removing them.

Please note that although we take the utmost care when working with gemstones/diamonds supplied by you, we do not accept any liability for loss or damage to gemstones/diamonds not supplied by Alloy Jewellery Gallery.

Are your diamonds certified?

All our diamonds over 0.30ct are certified and sourced from legitimate sources. We do not keep any diamonds in stock as we source all our diamonds according to the exact requirements of our clients.

Do you have engagement rings in stock?

No, we do not stock ready-made engagement rings. All our engagement rings are designed and made to order, and all diamonds and gemstones are sourced specifically for each design on behalf of our clients.

What if the ring doesn’t fit?

We offer one free resize on all our engagement rings provided that the ring is suitable for resizing and the difference is no more than two ring sizes larger or smaller.

Some rings may not be suitable for resizing. If we make a ring for you that is not suitable for resizing, we will advise you of this during the design process and assist you to make sure that we get the ring size 100% right from the start.

Any rings that must be remade due to incorrect ring sizes supplied by the client, will incur additional costs to remake.

I don’t know my partner’s ring size, what do I do?

If you are within South Africa, we’ll send you an Alloy Jewellery Gallery ring sizing kit, free of charge, and we’ll provide you with detailed instructions for use.

The second-best option would be to pop into your local jeweller to have your finger measured, taking the width of the ring into account. Ring sizes become larger in relation to the width of a ring. We recommend getting your finger measured by more than one jeweller as ring sizing kits are not always perfectly calibrated.

We do not accept responsibility for incorrect ring sizes supplied to us by clients and depending on the design of the ring, there may be a resizing or remaking cost involved.

Can I return a custom-made engagement ring?

All Alloy Jewellery Gallery custom-made pieces are considered final sale and cannot be returned.

Our custom jewellery is inspired by you, designed for you, and made just for you. It is unique to your specific style and requirements. Most of our diamonds and gemstones for custom orders are sourced and purchased specifically for each design on our customers' behalf. Because of that, we do not accept returns or offer refunds or cancellations after you’ve made payment to secure your diamond(s)/gemstone(s) or accepted our final quote to begin production (whichever comes first).

We guarantee that your final jewellery item will match the CAD drawing and 3D renders we submit to you of the final design you approved prior to starting production. This includes the actual dimensions of the item, gemstone specifications and metal choice.


  • “ The happiest I've ever been.
    Excellent quality, service, and precision. My now Husband had my engagement ring designed and made by Edna. (I had shown him a picture of what I love) Edna got it exactly right! Needless to say, I got my wedding ring done by her too. Not only is she brilliant at it but she's passionate and it makes a huge difference. I highly recommend Edna for anything you need/want done jewellery related! ”

    Alexia (Johannesburg, ZA)

  • “ Edna brought the wedding ring of my dreams to life, she's amazing at her craft, understood exactly what I wanted, and I am reminded of her passion and expertise every time my eyes meet with this beautiful piece!

    We gained not only our go-to jeweller but a friend too! ”

    Justine (Johannesburg, ZA)

  • “ Having Edna (my favourite aunt 😊) create a ring for me was always a childhood dream of mine. She created a memorable, creative, and uniquely 'me' ring which was inspired by my husband’s ideas.  
    Edna's passion and innovation shines through on every detail and stone on my ring and has been complimented by countless admirers. She truly made my dream ring a reality!!! ”

    Mariska (Whangarei, NZ)


Hi, I’m Edna, the owner and founder of Alloy Jewellery Gallery, and I’d love to work with you to create the perfect one-of-a-kind ring to represent your love story.

I’m available for in-person appointments in Johannesburg or alternatively consultations via Zoom, WhatsApp or email. If you have any questions or to book an appointment, contact me below.