By Edna de Bruyn

Beautifully Flawed™ is dedicated to all of us who struggle with our imperfections.

The designs incorporate imperfect gemstones with odd cuts, visible inclusions, and colour variations that highlight the beauty of natural imperfection. Each gemstone is a unique little artwork created by nature and just as with us, their imperfections make them one of a kind, unusual and different, each with a personality and story of their own.

We all have flaws and scars, either emotional or physical, which we desperately try to hide from the world, nonetheless, it is part of who we are, it shapes us. Our life experiences make us unique. It is evidence of what we’ve overcome and nothing to be ashamed of, but rather a personal badge of bravery.

We all want to change something about ourselves, to be a little closer to perfect, however, the measures we take are terrible for our self-esteem. We put so much pressure on ourselves to portray an image of how we think we should be that we cannot help feeling like we're not good enough - not beautiful enough, not thin enough, not clever enough, not successful enough, not happy enough, not perfect enough.

We fake happiness so people don’t see the real ‘us’. Smiles hide our heartache and vulnerabilities. We keep quiet. We pretend. We fake confidence to hide our feelings and insecurities. We dress to hide the lumps and bumps or pad where we want more. We only show what we feel will be acceptable.

I get it, one of the hardest things in life is to show our true selves. To care less about what others think is easier said than done. It will never be easy, but it’s worth it, and I hope you are brave enough to try.

The Beautifully Flawed™ jewellery collection connects with your soul and becomes part of your life story.  Find the design that resonates with you as a personal symbol of self-acceptance, strength, and bravery.

It’s okay not to be perfect. Let’s conquer those not-good-enough monsters! Flaunt
your flaws! Be beautifully flawed and unapologetically you because you are your own kind of beautiful.

This is the beginning of our journey together to love ourselves warts and all.

Welcome to our flawed family.